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Important information

In order to provide you a high quality work, I DON’T APPLY BRIDAL HENNA WITH PEOPLE AROUND in the same room (you can have maximum 1 or two friends or family members with you).

For me, the bridal henna application is not a party and I do not do bridal henna at the Sangeet as I need concentration and silence to be able to offer a good service.


For the stain to be at its best by your event day, it is perfect to apply the henna between 48h to 72h before, as the henna needs this time to oxidize and get dark. So if your event is on Sunday (for example), it would be perfect to apply it on Friday. Depending on the skin areas to cover, a full henna work can take from 4h to 8h. As henna is a natural product, all chemical products or even water itself can ruin the darkening process of your stain.

Remember that the quality and color of the stain of the natural henna depends on the color of your skin and on a good aftercare. That means avoiding the use of water or other liquid products to the maximum once the stain is developing on your skin.

Before application

If you want to apply henna on any part with body hair, I highly recommend to remove the hair the day before, if not, the henna paste will not stick on the skin properly. Be sure that your skin is super clean and free of oils, creams... etc

After application

The paste will be completely dry in about half an hour, be sure to stay away from clothing and hair while it’s drying. In order to get a dark stain, you should keep the paste on the skin for the next 8/12 hours. After that, remove the paste peeling it off. DON’T use water to remove the paste. After removal, apply coconut oil. During the next 48 hours the mehndi will oxidize and it will get darker so try to avoid contact with water as much as possible.

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